The Gut/Brain Connection

The connection between your gut and brain is massive there are so many ways it links together. Obviously, we know that food has a big role in how we think and feel, mentally and emotionally. But the microbes in our gut play an even bigger role in all our health issues. These microbes in our gut live in a symbiotic relationship with our bodies. They are the keepers of the digestive kingdom, there is nothing that they do not do.

From our mouths to our anus, is one long digestive tube. Even though this tube or digestive tract is seen a being on the inside of our body, it is still on the outside. The inside of our body is when particles enter the bloodstream and beyond. These microbes that live in our intestine create a protective barrier between the inside and outside of our bodies, they keep the gut wall healthy and stop undigested food particles and pathogens from entering our blood stream.

Most of the intestinal issues we are seeing nowadays are due to a lack of these microbes being present in our guts. You may have heard of issues such as bloating, IBS, Crohns and colitis. Well basically because of the lack of beneficial flora (microbes) in the gut, there is nothing to protect our intestinal wall for being attacked by other pathogenic microbes. Pathogenic microbes anchor into our intestinal wall causing all types of damage like inflammation, leaky gut and intestinal bleeding.

We also must understand that our intestines are connected to our brains through our Vagus nerve, and our small intestine which is known as our second brain because of the number of neurons it has. If there are any issues with the intestines, then it will severely affect the brain on an emotional level.

So, when we eat, we need to eat to build up our gut flora, calories do not count - feeding the body is more important. Guts microbes thrive on plant foods, typically fruit and vegetable fibres. But we can help to build up the flora by eating and drinking more fermented products like: milk and water kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut.