Sticking to your New Year Resolution

Let’s face it January is the busiest time of the year for the fitness industry. This is the month where all the gyms get packed and everyone tries to fulfil their health goals. If I am truly honest, only a few people of the many thousands that join gyms will stick to working out regularly. And then of these few only a small percent will achieve what they set out to do in the New Year.

I believe there are a few reasons why this happens...

  1. Firstly, most clients won’t get advice from a professional. If you want to stick it out in the gym, get some help. Trainers tend to specialise in different areas, so it is important to check if they have achieved the goals you are working towards with other clients and whether their experience/qualifications are relevant to you.

  2. Secondly, clients tend to steamroll the gym? Most gym users normally set the bar too high for themselves too early. Well you see them running, jumping, basically doing everything at 100 miles per hour. My approach is that I get my clients to enjoy the gym before I turn up the pace a notch. I believe that everyone must work at a pace that they can handle, if you do too much too soon then you will most likely quit using the gym within a few weeks.

  3. Clients tend to give up their treats too early. I know it sounds funny but become healthy too quickly leads to failure and falling off the wagon. If you tell yourself not to drink alcohol, your brain will always think of drinking alcohol. In the beginning it is best to do things in moderation, rather than giving up completely.

Just to reiterate, if you want to find success in the gym always get advice from a professional. Take your time in the gym, don’t stress your body out too soon. Work with moderation and wean yourself of those unhealthy snacks slowly. Basically, get a health plan that works for your body, but take things slowly.

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Jonathan Jackson