Ready to Start a New Regime?

2019 has definitely introduced us to quite a few fitness trends, and the thought of trying something new might be fairly overwhelming. I've broken the main ones down to compare the pros/cons of each system, so that you can get your fitness routine back up and running.

HIIT TRAINING: I really rate this type of training system because it is a good way for clients to get in shape very quickly. It works on strengthening the cardiovascular system and it is a good way to burn calories. The plus side is that Hiit Training can be one of the best ways to reduce bodyfat when used consistently. Although there are many injuries within these classes as it is hard for the instructors to correct every individual participant with bad form.

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: Let’s be clear if you are training for a purpose then it should match the function that you are using it for. Many people talk about functional training but use exercises that don’t match their function. If a trainer puts you on a powerlifting program, but your training for skiing then the powerlifting program is not actually functional for you. The important thing here is that you get the right type of trainer that understands how to implement functional programs. Functional training is great for rehabilitation, weight loss and muscular coordination. Although you will need a functional exercise specialist to help you to create your program which may come at a cost.

STRETCHING AND MOBILITY: I feel that most gym goers nowadays lack good posture and muscular flexibility. I believe that you shouldn’t really start a resistance/cardio program when you have bad posture alignment. Exercising with bad posture can not only make your posture worst, it can also lead to injuries and joint problems. The pros of posture training are that it will work on correcting your skeletal alignment and joint positions, it will help you to stay injury free and it will promote wellness within your whole body. This type of training is very slow and tedious, it is not for clients that are looking to work up a sweat.

YOGA: This type of training is a mixture of flexibility, relaxation and muscular strengthening. It is a very popular form of exercise and there are many types of yoga systems out there. Yoga is good for stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak ones. It works to promote diaphragmatic breathing, which pushes the body back into calmness and mental clarity (if in a sympathetic state). In my opinion, Yoga is very bad for people that are too flexible as excess flexibility is known to cause joint pain and tendon/ligament issues.

Jonathan Jackson