JJ's Transformation Tips

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

There are many different types of exercises that will stimulate muscle gain and weight loss. Personally, I believe that resistant exercises beat all other exercise methods, where fat burning, and weight loss is your goal. An hour of resistant training can work on weight loss for up to 72 hours after each session. Although this does depend on how intense you train, and what type of exercises you perform during these sessions.


There are many exercises that will work on multiple muscle groups none more so than THE SQUAT which works on TOTAL BODY MUSCLE TONE. It is a great cardiovascular exercise and it also develops lower leg and glute strength. It is a good all-round movement pattern that is one of the seven major functions the body performs.


  • Feet shoulder width apart

  • Chest facing forward - ensure back remains relatively straight

  • Place the bar onto the fleshy part of your neck

  • Hands in line with your feet

  • Toes turn out

  • Try to pull your belly button in towards your spine

  • Lower yourself down to the ground slowly

  • Return to a standing position to finish the rep off

As a rule, you may want to do sets in the 4-6 range and reps between 8-12.

Remember to keep your tempo at a slow pace.

So - good luck and take care when performing this exercise!

Credit to our lovely model Alazne Bilbao and photographer Gray Brame.

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