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My Personal Journey

I have always been interested in sports even at a really young age. I was a really good swimmer, passing my gold, silver, bronze and Lifesaving swimming medals by the age of 10. I ran in a few mini marathons events for my primary school, and for my secondary school I was an 800m runner. My proudest moment in secondary school was winning the Esso athlete of the year award; this might have been due to me taking part in so many sports, so I have always been sporty. I started with fitness and weight lifting at the age of 15, as a few of the older kids in my area were into body building. I have kept the training up for 29 years and I have been teaching health and wellness to others for over 25 years.

Work-Life Balance Philosophy

I believe that your physical and emotional wellbeing depends on how well you look after your body. I always tell my clients that you can’t out think a bad diet. I believe that the 4 steps to a healthy life are exercise, eating healthy foods, good sleep and plenty of me time. At 44 years of age I still practice these steps and they have kept me in good health.

Be your Best Self

If you want to alleviate any health issues, weight gain or mental disorders then focus on improving the following areas of your life:

  • Regain your health means

  • Eat natural products and the right type of food for your body type

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Exercise

  • Rest with plenty of nap time

  • Reduce physical and emotional stress

Once you've begun to devote time to yourself, you will begin to notice that feel good factor!

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