Introducing | WM + JJ

Updated: Oct 29, 2018


I'd like to introduce myself, my name is JONATHAN JACKSON, Acupuncture BSc (Hons) CHEK Practitioner, Adv Personal Trainer, CHEK Lifestyle Coach, CHEK Golf Biomechanic, Adv NLP.

I am teaming up with WM to teach you about the many aspects of wellbeing that we need to take in to consideration if we want to live longer healthier lives.

Sleep, exercise and stress are a few things that may impact our wellbeing and mental focus. The way we eat can also affect us in a positive or negative way depending on if we eat poorly or we eat based on our bodily needs.

Our bodies have a complicated set of systems to maintain. The nutrients that we eat should give us the power to move effectively, think clearly and look after every function that the body need to perform. The reason we see so much tiredness, weight gain and anxiety nowadays is because none of these systems are being looked after properly. The average person instead of feeling full of beans now feels out of sync. This is where food has a major impact.

Food is the start to every great process that happens in the body. The enthesis is to eat healthily based around natural whole food products. Any successful eating plan should include ingredients such as carbohydrate, proteins and fats all from natural sources.

  • Carbohydrates: give the body natural sugars and mineral. Carbohydrates also help to cleanse the system of toxins and feed the microbes in our intestines too.

  • Proteins: help to repair and build connective structures throughout the body. The immune system which is derived from proteins sources relies on good quality produce to sustain its growth.

  • Fats: activators which means they get things to work and travel around body. Fats are involved in hormones production and cellular membrane repair.

Check back next week as I will be explaining how to balance these ingredients when eating from the menu at WALTER and MONTY!