Christmas Wish List by JJ

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

The twenty-fifth of December is almost upon us, so to help you avoid the inevitable stampede as everybody rushes around town at the last minute, I´ve put together a list of my favourite his/her fitness gifts...

If you know anyone looking to develop their core stability and postural strength, Swiss balls are the way forward! Check out AOK, they supply the strongest model which are the best for exercising with weights. Burst proof, they can handle up to 500kg in weight, come in a range of sizes, and rarely warp.

Women who squat would benefit from Power Leggings by Sweaty Betty. They have bum sculpting capabilities and they can be used for multiple sports such as yoga and weight training. At £70 they are one of the cheapest in the Sweaty Betty range.

I always recommend The Gluten free Almond Flour Cookbook to clients that have any issues with gluten sensitivity and sugar cravings, as almonds do not have the same fat storing ability as refined carbohydrate have, and they are not as harsh on the digestive tract as grains can be. The Gluten free Almond Flour Cookbook is a must for any healthy wellness addict.

Boxing enthusiasts will be aware that it is one of the best cardiovascular workouts you can do to strengthen your heart muscle, and ideally should be included in your exercise programme at least once per week. Venum boxing gloves fit the hands very well and are relatively inexpensive.