Catch your BREATH!

Everybody at some point in their lives suffers from episodes of stressful bouts. BUT DO NOT FRET! You're not alone on this... Up to 74% of the British population suffers from overthinking, worry, negative emotions and listlessness. It can all be quite daunting trying to combat these feelings, while trying to live a normal and productive life - so it is important to talk about it!

If you have managed to check out my earlier posts, hopefully your journey towards maintaining a healthy eating plan has already begun. It is important to note that eating is not just about energy, if the body is lacking nourishment you may always feel like you are in a stressed state...

Breathing is one way to release the stress hormones that help us to fight or flight.

An example of a simple exercise is:

· Lay on your back in a peaceful space

· Close your eyes and place your hands onto your stomach area

· Keep your body aligned and your thought on your breathing

· Take your first deep breath in while trying to extend your stomach area

· The whole point is to raise your hands up with every breath you take in

· Now exhale to lower your hands down when you can’t inhale anymore.

Start with 5-15 minutes every day to take you’re breathing back from fight or flight and into rest and digest breathing, which should have an effect on lowering your stress levels.